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I plead my innocence, for mistakes I may have made while making this website. Most of the material I have put on this website has been gathered on internet or provided by people I met personally. In his darbar, the hollowness feel filled and a connection to almighty is felt, it so happens as the heart feels a right over the God and when in trouble just think about him air gets thinner and problems just evaporates. is our humble effort to spread  information about our Kul dev across globe through the medium of Internet. We do not solicit any donations and we have not authorized anyone to solicit money for the maintenance of this resource. Please let us know if someone poses as an agent  on our behalf.

Bol Lal Mandir wale ki jai……!

Dr. Amit Khanna
E-mail: Amit20Khanna@Yahoo.Com

Call or WhatsApp group: Ph: +1 859 608 6028

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